Blend between animation blueprints?

So basically have an animation for regular walking/running and a slide nimation blueprint, that blueprints sets the animationblueprint back on walking/running when there is not enough speed to continue sliding or when the slide key got released, everything is working fine. but the transition is a bit to snapping, starting it is fine but setting it back to walking is snapping.

so my question is: is there a way to “blend” or smooth the transition between these 2 animation blueprints?

Why are you transitioning between 2 animation blueprints and how did you even get the engine to do that? Genuinely curious as it would be a cheap way to create a “steal movement” or “morph” type skill.

I think you mean 2 states within a state controller. If so, the transition in and out have a blend time that is easily adjustable. The rule is on the panel to the top right when you enter the transition rules - the detail panel.

well just set animation blueprint? thats how i did it and would do to keep animation bps a bit cleaner. like driving a car and then walking again. its basically just set animation blueprint thats why i was asking if there is some option to smooth it a little. its two different blueprints, one is walking taking info for speed direction and stuff, and since i dont need it or need other stuff like elevation and rotation and setting the movement speeds and stuff depending on a lot of stuff i thought making another animation blueprint would be easier and cleaner to look and adjust some stuff. i could make some pic and a vid how its looking atm if you want more info /need it to fully understand what im doing / trying to do

Well, yes, the more info the better.

Off the top of my head you could create a transition state in the original animation blueprint that is played right before the handoff.

Then the handoff would need an incoming state that starts with the next frame of the animation’s outgoing animation.

Thing is, it will always somewhat stutter because of FPS latency and the fact animations automatically adjust frame time for that. But it’ll be closer if you have the same animation as end and start points.

You can enter into the state statemachine with the animation and transition off to idle when the animation is finished via ratio time remaining parameter.

That should make things go smoother, though it’s a lot more work then just setting a blend value…

im pretty new to animation and will post more info tomorrow,

also maybe another quick question. crouching in general: setting the capsule half height or is there a better way?
because when i set the capsule half height it scales it down from the middle of the capsule which ends up (in my case) like a guy who jumps into sliding, the animation was screwed before so thats the first problem i need to fix.

also the had to make the animation higher because of the smaller player capsule, tried add offset/setting the mesh higher lower but other clients couldnt see it even tho i put it right behind where the animation gets aligned with the ground and other clients could see that

More of a code thing, you need to specifically call Crouch and Uncrouch to crouch - before proceeding to whatever animation. that’s because the MovementComponent has a built in crouch capsule value that gets used for this.

It’s the same as the Jump function that’s just builtin for you. You just need to fish it out which might mean having to disable the context sensitive. in the character BP ofc.

for the sliding you’ll probably need to manipulate the capsule again.
Nice thing is you can double click crouch and it should take you to the function so you can see how it’s done - and mimic it for the sliding state with the height of capsule you need.

oh yeah forgot about the crouch thing…

so got everything working as it should. but the animation is still bumpy. i wonder if there is a way to really smoothly transition between different animation blueprints btw bp node for setting the animation bp is :“set anim instance class” going in that animation is completly fine switching back to it is jsut bumpy

I know there are ways to smooth over control handoff situations (possessing pawns) but I doubt there’s any specific things for this one node. The best solution is probably to create the “intro” state and wait for it to finish playing before handing off to the regular state machine idle…