Blend animations with Blend Pose by Enum

I am trying to create different hand animations for my characters hands (Third Person BP) depending on what kind of objects it holds. I have an Enum with different states (Grip Cube , Grip Sphere, Grip Small etc…). What I’m trying in the animation blueprint is overwriting the hand animations after the locomotion state with a different hand animation using Blend Poses by Enum. I have a separate animation montage for each Grip Sphere, Grip Cube, etc… hand poses. In these montages I set up one slot for the given montage. So I have GripCube slot, a GripSphere slot etc… Then I try to use these slots to blend the animation with rest of body using the following BP:

The problem is the character is not using the animations assigned in the slot, but it’s always the using the same closed hands animation, I guess it’s coming from the third person character. When the enum state is ‘open’ or something not assigned in the blend by enum the characters hands are open. If I set it to ‘Grab’ or ‘Grab small’ it keeps using a closed hand animation, not the ones I specify in the slot.
What am I doing wrong here? I guess I’m completely wrong about how to use animation slots.
From the locomotion state I save a cache[FONT=courier new] [default cache] -> [blend right hand] -> [rhand cache] -> [blend left hand] -> [lhand cache] -> [final output].

in the layered blend, try changing the name to a parent bone (forearm_r probably). From my experience, Layered Blend per Bone ignores the bone you set it and only influences its children.