Bleak Faith: Forsaken


[FONT=courier new]Bleak Faith: Forsaken initially started as a graphic novel, before being transferred into the realm of 3D. With an opportunity to bring a unique vision to life, I started building and learning how to use Unreal in order to be able to share this vision. Fast forward to today, and I am working with a partner (we’re a two-man team), in one of the most intense but rewarding working relationships of my life. I cover the entirety of the front-end, my partner covers my back in the back-end. We’re about to launch a kickstarter and just had a humbly successful preview of the game published last week. We’re passionate about development surely as much as anyone on these boards, so we thought it was a good time to share some of the work with you. Everything is a heavy work in progress, we are still in the prototyping stage of development but our plans and vision are incredibly ambitious. We’re redefining a genre and we’re building something fresh and new. We don’t want to model our game to any one specific game that already exists, instead we are bringing you Bleak Faith as it was meant to be.
Here’s a small snippet of combat from our channel:

[FONT=courier new]The game is an open world survival horror RPG. The world and story are very rich, and fall into a genre which crosses dark fantasy and cyberpunk. There are many immersive mechanics that will separate this from games of the genre, some of which include an ecosystem of AI (AI grows and inhabits the world, living and reacting with or without you), brutal combat, environmental hazards and survival elements, an atmospheric and new world, and more.

I will be talking about this game here a lot so ask away!

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