Blast Off Betty

Hey Hey!
So here is my first game I have been working on to learn some Blue prints . Still really early, and the video quality is terrible (everything is glitchy when I record while trying to play). Got help on the thruster from answer hub which was extremely helpful. I have been messing with the physics until the controls are actually playable and now gameplay actually feels pretty cool. All really based on anticipation of when the thrust.

Basically the game is about a female lead, and her 3 friends and they all have a crippling drinking problem. They build this sketchy rocket, and Betty has to collect beer that has fallen, and fuel tanks to stay afloat. The points are based off of getting beer, but the more beer you collect the worse visibility gets so anticipation is harder. The whole thing is really cheesy but I thought it might be pretty funny. It will be released for mobile when complete. Art direction is purposely sketchy also haha.
Still need:
Spawning distortion of the screen when you hit beer.
Ui - Point system, and fuel gauge.
Background art for the level which will be just big hand painted landscape images stitched together.
The rest of my story frames with cheesy character development.

Ill use this thread for updates, and thank you for looking!