Blank space text


I am woundering simply if there is a blank space text character that takes as a count in string?

Pretty much similar as the “Left Pad” string node. The problem I find with “Left Pad” is that it doesn’t seem to caount “one” pad as one character?

My goal is to pad a string with empty blank space characters on both left and right of a string.
I have an int array of length of each string. Then I get the max of int array and compare it to each int length.
The int var “CountDifference” / 2 is what I want to pad on left and right on string that is not equal to max of int array.

So far I have just used a “" character as kind of a debug dummy character to test the idea.
But know I’d like to replace "
” with a blank space.


Not sure what you mean here…a ‘space’ character counts as a character in a string. If you want to pad a string with blank spaces use the append string node and have 3 inputs. Input ‘A’ and Input ‘C’ will both be a 'space" character and Input ‘B’ will be the int array you want to pad.

Thanks for the reply. Ok, so one space = one character, two spaces = two characters etc.? Will the string count be effected if converted to i.e. text var?
My goal is to set it to the SetText node.

Yes and no. The string count is the string count. A text can also contain spaces and be parsed back into a character string.

Ok thanks for the input!