Blank Screen on Mobile...

Hey can anyone help? I’ve been trying to test my level on my Android device and the deploying says it was successful but when i go to open it on the device.
I just get a black screen that says your splash screen here and then it closes?

Hi Corrupt_Override,

You will need to look a the logcat output to see why it didn’t work. You can run monitor to get this, or from commandline you can use adb logcat.

You can ignore those warnings. What you are looking for are the events. It would be best to create a new AnswerHub post and attach the full log.

Hi! I have similar problem and I can’t find any solution… :frowning: You posted question in answer hub?
P.s. my device Asus Transformer TF101G

I have two smart phone , Galaxy Duos and galaxy j7.Firstly , i tried on Galaxy duos , i saw just black screen then i tried with other phone(galaxy j7) , my level worked successfuly.

I think our problems about with version.Finally ,sorry about bad english.:slight_smile: