Blank scene , low FPS

Hi. Might be wrong section to post but anyway.
My project gets very low fps on a laptop, so I’ve made a test. I’ve made literally blank scene - no lights, just block and Player start and packaged it with Package project tool. Afterwards, i got roughly 40 fps with empty black screen and no code whatsoever.
I need help to understand why is it happening and what ways are there to help solve this problem.
Thank you.
P.S. The laptop specs are GT 720M, i3-4010, 4Gb DDR3 RAM.

UPD. So the second question is, does ANY desktop game made with UE4, even the simplest one, require 4-core CPU, 8 GB of RAM and decent GPU?

heya last enemy, your laptop specs are quite below the minimum requirements, (which are the ones you mentioned for the desktop)

Those requirements are to run ue4, which isnt a game, its the engine and its entire editor.
lower gpu, cpu, but especially ram can result in instability when working with the engine, can (in worse cases) overheat your laptop, cause crashes, and the overall experience wont be enjoyable.
You can try and set the scalability to the lowest setting, and it might run-ish… but I wouldnt even recommend that.

as for publishing games, depending on the developer’s skills can even run on a current gen mobile phone. but that is because the editor wont be running, nor any content not needed. but again, that really depends on the developers skill.

If you cant get the funds for a better desktop or laptop (desktops are generally cheaper) you might want to look for a less performance needing engine, like rpg maker and game maker studio.

Thanks for answer, but you got me wrong.
It’s not the Editor performance that i’m concerned about, I got very decent machine for development and have stable 120 fps in-editor. If you’ll check my question carefully, it was about target hardware, end user’s PC.
I’m making quite simple sidescroller game and planning it to run smoothly on most specs, even low-end.
So, one more time,my problem is - test blank scene with no lights, 1 block and Player start gives me 40 fps NOT in Editor, but as shipped standalone game. Is there documentation or tips how to fix this?

Hi Lastenemy,

Check out this AnswerHub post on the subject of improving performance in your game and let me know if you do not see any improvement:

Trouble configuring game settings

You can probably find more tips already discussed on our .


, thanks for helpful information! It solved the issue.