Blank project won't save changes

Hi there,

Using Unreal Engine 5.1.

When I do any changes in a blank project, no matter how tiny, like adding a sphere or cube and I save them, after closing and reloading the project every change is gone.

Every other project type works. In first person, third person, top down I can make any changes and they are getting saved without a problem.

I am a bit confused about this problem. I played around a lot of hours with UE 5.0 EA in the beginning of the year and didn’t have this problem.

Hey there @fufex79! Welcome to the community!

I see you already found the last question we looked into this for, so I won’t direct you over there to check the things we checked there under the assumption you already did.

is this occurring in even newly generated maps or only the minimal default starter content map?

I had exactly the same problem. I uninstalled and tested again Launcher version of 5.1. Built a 5.1 from source for my Mac M1 as I was using the Intel version, then back again to Intel version… Needless to say I spent an entire day on this… And your suggestion was the savior. Yes creating a new level solved it. So the default maps are all problematic somehow not just the Minimal Default. New maps are good so far.

Hey there @zqqz123! Welcome to the community! Great work, that definitely helps me with workarounds for other users in the future. I think what might be occurring is that some users may be grabbing the engine file versions of those levels and not the starter content versions. Reaching into the engine and pulling out those levels, you’d have to make a copy to be able to edit it as many of the engine files do not save changes. Let me know if any more information comes up!

I was having this issue on the minimal default map on 5.1 as well but now I am also having the issue with a blank open world map. Yesterday I put in some time creating a new landscape and saved several times throughout that process. Today, I open the project and the landscape was gone. VERY frustrating.

Hey there @Jer_Anim! Welcome to the community! Is the map still there in the project folders? If so, back the project up, then remove the asset, restart, then drop the asset back in the project. Sometimes this works, other times not. You may also have to right click the folder it’s in and fix up redirectors after: