Blank project - Cant make a pawn move

I’ve been trying to wire up a basic pawn to input movements. I dont need an character, so I just created a pawn and hooked it up to the input axis… Sounds simple, but I cant get the pawn to actually move. Loads of debugging says the input axis are working and the direction it should travel is right, but the pawn doesnt travel. Any ideas what I’m missing?

Here is my blueprint
And here is the screen showing the debug says the TankPawn_C1 should move 500 in the z axis

It seems to me that there is no movement component? make the blueprint a subclass of a character and you won’t have that problem
If you’d however like to move the pawn without relying on a movement component, use Set Actor Location.

Head over to the Unreal Youtube channel. Zack has just released a full set of tutorials on how to get this stuff working from scratch.


yep, you don’t have a movement component(at least not visible), also, if you want to have any actual collision for your tank, get use to using default add physical linear velocity/angular velocity, and add force/torque.
Because of the following reason:(I know just scale the input and let input do the job sounds easier, but it’s not.)

  1. all the collision happens on a collision shape component(default you got box/sphere/capsule), plus skeleton mesh and static mesh component.
    If you try to move your pawn manually, you would have to hook up the collision in C++, if you can do that, you will not be posting here.

  2. for moving a pawn for real, you need to move the [ROOT] component( check your component tab), if you check Content Examples’s input examples(which has a room with a UFO in last room),
    you’ll see that they actually use static mesh as its [ROOT] component, why, because you can then just apply the input axis value directly on “self” physics related call, and all other things will follow(say a 3rd person spring arm camera).

so go and check how that input example work, it helped me a lot.

As others have said, ‘Add Movement Input’ only works if you are using a MovementComponent. Pawn by default comes with no movement logic, you get to write it yourself! 4.1 comes with a ‘flying’ template that does all its own movement logic from a Tick event.

My fanmade character imported from(circa Anno Domini of year) UDK2010 version to Unreal Engine 4.26 Blank Project is not even playable guys. Please help fix and solve this problem?