Blank buttons


First I would like to thank all of you that have helped me start off on this project. I am having the time of my life… I bump in to issues… At least, most of the time that is how it works
scratch my head… go sit and think… come back and make rude gestures at the screen when something does work that I am pretty sure should… go think some more, query the forums and then if I can’t come up with a working fix, I come here.

This time I am just making rude gestures at the screen.

In Canseepng… you can see that I have my main menu setup in the designer. I was pretty tickled the way it looked and I was using at approx. 26 minutes to get the main menu linked to the game. I could never get it to work right. So, I started over, thinking I had made a mistake I could not find… Blank.png does not show the shows I type in for a button… but… when I link mainmenu to the game and click play… mainmenu is there and I can see the words I want to use for the buttons.

Thank you all for any help you might be able to give me

Oh man how I love these videos:

Nick talks about anchors for something and it triggered my thoughts about blank buttons in my issue… sure as god made little green apples… My Anchors were not set properly and it made the button look blank.

Nick… I might have to take up drinking mountain to see if it helps my brain work… You are awesome bubba… thank you for that widget talk at about 31 minutes. It solved my Issue.