Blank blueprint editor

(i also used v 4,15,3)
So , blueprint edit is complete blank.
In menu under window is available only "class default "(reset layout does nothing).
But if i make new or child of that blueprint , for first open it has everything in it , after closing and reopening it is again blank forever ,

I did update engine also uninstalled and reinstalled,
in other projects it shows same behavior.

One think i noticed is that when its blank under “window” is called defaults editor however in first time opened it says Graph Editor

here are some pics



Sooooo i i found out that when i opened something called data only blueprint or how its called (well, class defaults)
i didn’t notice that it does have in blue written clickable text , with will get you back on full graph blueprint editor

i decided watch back tutorial i was flowing while making this project and she said directly xD

well i saw one similar question i will check if this can help him :*)