Blades of Chaos (WIP)

Recall with the rage of Sparta!

(Can’t attach any images for some reason…not even the zipped .robo file. The forum just keeps throwing some database error.)
Download here!

-Zero throw damage even though I’ve set Throw Hit Damage to 500.0. Must be something else…

Next goals:
-Figure out how to modify Damage Type to something more intense and explosive. Override Throw Hit perhaps?
-Animate and implement some elastic chains so the blades can be thrown and pulled back (like in the original games). Any animators out there interested in collaborating on this?! :wink:

-3D model by Topias Airas -aka Dystopiartist.
-Model and textures fixed and imported by Ali Mayyasi.
-Reload icon created using demondeathx’s render.

very nice work, really intrigued as to how this will end up