BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer

Not sure what to make of this …

Me either…

I’m just going to watch the original on my laserdisc when it comes out.
Really couldn’t see how or why this should be continued.

The original is one of those classics that never needed a equal in my opinion.

Yeah I think neither Alien nor Blade Runner needed sequels. I think especially Blade Runner ended really well and I wish they never “explained” the space jockey and derelict ship in Alien … although I kinda liked Prometheus and what they did with it.

Yep, some things are better left unexplained.
But only sometimes, as no to create plotholes and weird logic.

Alien and Blade runner were movies that did it right… I wonder if the new one will flop at the boxoffice?

I just hope they do not ruin Blade Runner story, but realist in me says that that only Philip K. **** could write it well.

I like the soundtracks in the original Blade Runner movie

Yeah I read Do androids dream of electric sheep loved it.

I didn’t like this remake; the story was pointless to me… But I don’t remember any Hollywood movie from this decade without grotesque potholes created by exacerbated editor cuts anyway.
They make a 100 hours movie then cut it down until story makes no sense anymore.

Agree 100%. Of course reviews were beyond glowing, even on indie sites it was all total ‘flattery’.
The truth? It was by far one of the best sequels in recent years and yet nothing really that special.
Even in large-screen / 3D the visuals seemed ordinary compared to the original (49 is too foggy).
Script was fine but not amazing. The 3-Act-Structure or 90-min to 3-hour movie has run its course…
TV particularly original funded TV drama from netflix, amazon, hulu is killing it! Hollywood? Snore!