Blackwood Isle is searching for a programmer

Hello all,

We are a group of good friends that are working on a ultimate rol playing game.
And we are in need of a Programmer(s) that is willing to work with us on this.

We came from a arma 3 community that had a rol play mod on it.
but yeah there where not really a lot of futures on there.

So we decided to build our own Rol play game, but then in UE4

About the game:
A Island whas established in the golf of california afther a volcano eruption under the sea level in 2015.
Afther everything calmt down scientist and engineers went to the Isle to examn his fruity ground.
The found out that a blackwood tree whas Growing there, what normaly only happens on the Islands of Indonesia.
Since that day the name of the Island became Blackwood Isle.

With a team of 12 Developers, we are working on the clock.

But we are in need of a programmer.

That can help us out with making:

Medical system
Inventory system

and a lot more.

We are trying to build the Ultimate Rolplay experience game.

but we cant do it without you!

So we hope you are willing to help us out and bring this game on the market.
after the release, everyone will get his share of the money that we pay you for your help.

You got more questions or you want more info?
Check out our website

You can contact me by mail:

It’s going to be hard for people to take you seriously when you spell “role play” wrong multiple times.

Thank you for the spell check. I must say that I find it quite funny, if people have made a mistake to say the cant be taken serieus.

But I hope I will be taken serieus by other people.

[SIZE=1](Maybe a tip for next time a private message is friendly and respectfull)[/SIZE]

I hope too!