Blackscreen when starting packaged game

Hey all,
I am fairly new to all ue4 stuff so if I made an mistake just tell me.

I use ue4 4.10.2 via the epic launcher.

I created a new project, made all my stuff, tested it in pie (normal and in a new window) without any problems.
But when I try to launch it on any platform (tested HTML5 Firefox and Chromium, Windows 64bit and Android CM13) the level is just black. I made sure that my map is entered under Game Default Map and I am sure that the map is loaded because I see all my fancy printString messages popping up that tell me that the level is loaded an working (some actors do their thing) but I can’t see anything.

So long so good. Or bad. It’s gets funny if I open the map via the console. Then the level works without any problems and gets rendered properly. This tells me that my lighting is fine.

Does anyone has an idea what I could have done wrong? Any hints are appreciated :wink:

Thank you

I found a workaround.

I created a new empty level which loads my main level on begin play in the level blueprint. Not optimal but it works for now. If anyone has a better solution to this let me know.

Hey MiniDigger,

I understand that you’ve figured out a workaround for this issue however, could you tell me whether or not this is happening in 4.10.3 and 4.11 preview 5 for you? Is this happening with any project you create, or just some?


MiniDigger i love you.