Blackmagic plugin Issue

I’m using UE composure to compose an SDI video source coming from Blackmagic DeckLink then i run it with a CG layer into a compositing pass and output the comp using the plugin’s output for AR purpose.

The issue is that the output shows bad compression quality, one example you lose quality on reflective surfaces
Several users experienced a the same problem and there is no discussion thread talking about this.

i’m using Blackmagic Design DeckLink Duo 2

on the left of this screenshot is the output result from the blackmagic’s plugin in Unreal Engine

i dont know if its a technical issue or a plugin bug but i do know its a common issue with other users

please vote on this matter if you have the same issue and want it to reach experienced developers

i got help from friends and people from Epic
Solved and the way it works is color conversion, its up to you if you want to apply this on media plate only or in the comp’s transform pass