Blackmagic : LogBlackmagicMedia received an invalid Timecode frame number

Hello everyone,

I use a Blackmagic camera and an Iphone as a tracker for virtual production. Both are set at 30fps. In my Unreal project everything is at 30 fps (livelink, timecode, …). However I get errors messages in my Output Log and I don’t really understand it :

LogBlackmagicMedia : Warning : The Engine couldn’t run fast enough to keep up with the CustomTimeStepSync. ‘-1’ frame(s) was dropped.
LogBlackmagicMedia : Warning: BlackmagicTimecodeProvider input ‘1’ received an invalid Timecode frame number (24) for the current frame rate (24fps).

If you have any idea about how to fix this it would be amazing !

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

First message sounds like the scene is taking longer so isn’t able to be refreshed to match the speed of the camera. Try with a very simple level?

You mention 30 fps at start but mention 24 fps later. Make shure camera and all systems are set to the same fps.

Thanks for your reply,

It seems that the problem persists with a very simple level.

For the second part, I checked and everything is at 30 fps that is why I am very confused.

Wondering if you might want to post to blackmagic groups or to some of the Youtubers doing virtual production with Black magic cameras…