Blacklisting doesn't seem to be working

I followed some of the points listed in the docs about making apk smaller. In particular I tried blacklisting engine’s stuff and some of the content I have in my project.

It didn’t seem to work at all. Since engine content is outside of the project’s folder, I had to use absolute path in PakBlacklist-Development.txt - that didn’t work (and yes, I was deploying Development build). Then I added relative path to my content folder - that didn’t work either.

The only way I was able to “blacklist” content of the project was through Project settings. I could not do that for engine’s content.

Please advise.


Hi motorsep,

The blacklist does work on engine content, but you must follow the exact relative path in the doc: “…/…/…/Engine/Content”. Be very careful with the blacklist; it will allow you to remove stuff that may be necessary for the engine to work.

Oh, gotcha. I’ll try that.

So blacklist should be used for engine’s content and Project Properties for project’s content exclusion ?

Hello, I have the same problem.

Blacklist doesn’t work for any configuration for my project.

Is there a person who has a blacklist and it works?