Blackjack example, how does it calculate the card?


Im trying to create a crazy 4 poker game example.

So trying to use the blackjack example as a base, but im not sure how it gets the card values and the documentation on that project is seemingly non existent :(.

So i suppose my main questions are:
How do i get the values of the cards, so that i can rank the hands? e.g 4 hearts being a flush.
Is it better to achieve the game with umg, rather than how the blackjack example does it?



Hi, I’m no expert but I’ve been working to understand the blackjack example. The value of the card is calculated when card is spawned within the BP_Card as CardID. It does it to retrieve the texture, but then (I fixed in my version) it assigns it again BP_Logic to give a valuer. Check my question to see how it looks:

Hope it helps.

Thanks that does make things a bit clearer.