BlackJack Demo doesn't work on Android either.

This is the second demo (after FlappyChicken) that doesn’t run on Android. I thought Unreal said it supports Android. Am i wrong on this fact?

Hi ST64,

Currently, the demos optimized for mobile are Tappy Chicken, Mobile Temple, and SwingNinja.

So only 2D games only? I couldn’t get Tappy Chicken to work on my Galaxy Tab.

Hi ST64,

I see that you are already discussing this with Tim Hobson here: He should be able to assist you further with your Tappy Chicken concerns.

I just tried Mobile Temple and of course that doesn’t work either. You have a strange definition of Android compatibility. Do you even care? How long in your opinion for most devices to be supported?

Stop being offensive.

No one would ever like to help you since you barely have any respect. read this and calm down. It has list of the tested devices, and also makes it clear that Android support is in early stage.

Blackjack, Memory Game, Mobile Temple, Tappy Chicken, Swing Ninja - they all worked perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. I’ll post a demo video soon.

Any luck with 4.3 on Motorola phones?

I think it would take less time building a 3D graphics engine yourself :slight_smile: