BlackCap Creative - 3D Production Studio

Greetings from BlackCap,

We are a production studio specializing in creating 3D content, including models and animations.

Our core goal is to reduce the bottleneck you may be experiencing in your production pipeline, whether that is because you have too much content to create, lack the required skills, or you just want to try something out with a minimal time investment or play with MVP ideas.

We are comfortable working from your direction and regularly work with supplied concept art, drawings, and/or blueprints to make 3D models and animation. Actually we prefer it.

Our experience ranges from large-scale architectural work to creating game environments and characters, and our pipeline experience includes previz, production, and polish passes.

If you have any questions or general inquiries, you can send them to [EMAIL=“”]

If you have a project or asset list you would like a free quote on, you can directly contact our creative director at [EMAIL=“”]

Thank you for reading, below are some frequent questions that have been brought to our attention.

What engine do you make models for?
Any engine, we are an experienced team and are familiar with all the mainstream game engine options out there. Vector requirements, scale, texture formats, etc… We do prefer Unreal Engine for our in house projects and we do know our way around the blueprint system.

I only need one or two things, do I need a lot of content in order to get a quote?
Nope, we can create one off piece work and as needed pieces if it fits in our schedule.

Do you offer consultation services? I am not sure what to do with the artistic side of my game and could use some direction.
Yes we can, we have built or had a hand in several MVP designs from VR to simple mobile games. However our consultation services are centered around the optimization of a project. So if you are having hang ups in blueprint or experience latency from your art assets, we can help.

Do I need a contract to work with you? Why?
Yes. You should always use a contract. If you don’t have one, we have one, but seriously you should have one. It keeps you safe and happy and it keeps us safe and happy. It also makes it really clear what you want and need and what services we are offering you. It also makes things like compensation easier to deal with.

Will you take on royalty contracts?
No. If you have one professionally drafted we can discuss it. By professionally we mean by a lawyer who represents your corporate entity.

What if it’s a really good royalty contract?
Again if it has been professionally drafted we can discuss it. For clarification and example, we like a common Start Up option, which is to have a Senior work for Junior rates to help a project develop with skills of a Senior that it could not otherwise afford to employ. In exchange for the cut back, it’s guaranteed the Senior will get a high % of revenue sharing to back pay what the Senior would have made at an appropriate wage. Usually the back pay is promised/due after a set amount of time, past this date the business responsible for the project is responsible for a pay out of the remaining back pay. After the back pay is paid out, the Senior will continue to make royalties at a lower %.