Blackboard values are null when task ends?

I Recently started to work again with behavior trees and for some odd reason , While the custom values im using on my blackboard are valid while they are being set in a task, after the task has ended the values become invalid (null,etc )

This is how the BT looks like

Get tavern location BTTask

And the get available seat task

As you can see on the last task picture, im setting the bHasSeat blackboard value, both in the blackboard and the blueprint the name is bHasSeat but in the blueprint it adds spacing for some reason… ( I previously printed the value in the task before it ended and it was valid, priod to ending getting the same value in a different task returns false )

I double checked that the task was returning success ( Using print messages ) and it does go trough the whole function up to the end, setting the variable to true, So yeah in other words bHasSeat blackboard is VALID once it has been set in the function ( getting the same blackboard from within the task before it ends returns the value as true as it should ), Once the task ends the bHasSeat bool is set to false …which it shouldnt as far i know

I think for tasks, if you have any conditions, you should still sets the blackboard value regardless if it’s a success or fail(even for cast fail).
That way you guarantee when ever a task is run, it will set those values regardless.
That also means your tree need to plan out so say, when something failed, you have a fall back action to do.