Blackboard key variable how to make public?

i am prithvi and i would like to ask how .to make a variable (blackboard key ) public. i have made the eye visible in front of it (position1) but i cant find it in my blackboard of behavier tree. the variable is in behavier tree’s task.
thanks and regards

Post some screenshots.


In order to fully answer your question, we’ll need some more information:

  • Could you provide a screenshot of your blueprint and blackboard?
  • Could you explain what you plan on using the variable for?
  • Where are you creating the blackboard key variable? Is it in a Behavior Tree task, an AI Controller, or another type of blueprint?

Making a blackboard key variable public does not display it in the Blackboard. The variable will be connected to a key inside of your Blackboard, which you have to create separately in the Blackboard itself.