Blackboard data being synced even though I had not swtiched it on

I have written a few custom services and tasks in c++ for my behavior tree.

The problem I am facing is the blackboard asset data is being synced together…
if I have a few AI near each other and while taking a particular action, both AI do the same thing even though the other condition is not fullfilled. I have rechecked that the blackboard variables are not synced.

Cant find anything else that might be causing the issue.

I guess we need a lot more information for this. Code and BP Pictures if possible.
Then it is much easier to find out what is going on (:

I found out what was wrong… Basically there was a service that set the distance between AI to enemy to a float on blackboard and then there was a decorator which which to if the distance was greater than a variable(200).

The problem was the service was not called before decorator and the the value was passed at 0. (initial value) which fulfilled the condition.
This made all the AI behave similarly.