Blackboard categories

probably just repeating a request that’s already been made…

Be nice to have categories on the Blackboard as currently its just big list of balls, I’ve had to resort to prefixing every blackboard key, especially as you also can’t reorder the keys either just for a double whammy of annoyance :slight_smile:

cheers ears

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Hey Savage!

Turns out that is not a feature yet. I’ve talked to the support guys and they’re making a new request for the tracker. Turns out this one wasn’t in the jiras yet.

splendid nice one :slight_smile:

jiras? Guess that means you use Jira? See you at the next Atlassian summit :slight_smile:

(well actually probably not cause i never turn up to them but I do enjoy the day away from the office)

Haha, it’s ok, I never make it out to the summit either :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey savagebeasty,

I’ve entered a feature request for this: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-44734)

You can track the request’s status using that link, but keep in mind that it may not be prioritized.

Have a great day

you what…the entire staff at Epic arn’t going to drop everything they’re currently doing to sort out my poxy little request…shameful :wink:

(cheers by the way I’ll keep my eye on it :slight_smile: )

I’d also like to see this be implemented. The issue link provided isn’t public, so I can’t see if it’s completely been abandoned or in the backlog, or what. Been over 3 years since this took place so I imagine it went by the wayside but this is something that would make working with behavior trees much more appealing.

Its been so long I forgot all about it :slight_smile: