Black Wolf Games

Hi looking to set up a team to help me with this project no prior skill needed as I can teach most areas of design

Title: Rising Shadows

platform: PC, and XBOX One, a version for PlayStation will be released at a later date

Description: An open world RPG with a twist won’t go into to much detail unless you are on the team but Rising Shadows is set in a medieval setting the main character is a woman named Arturia.
the game will feature a crafting system that will allow the player to build an entire town which will then generate income depending on how many NPC’s live there.

More detailed info will be provided to all members of the team as I will email the GDD to anyone who joins

Team: Black Wolf Games

Corey Jones (head developer, level designer, head modeler, animator, programmer)

Talent needed mat use additional software of your choice

concept artist for character art and additional level concepts
modeler for additional characters and props also needed for nature assets like rocks, foliage, or any other nature asset and architecture
programmer C++ or blueprints is fine
audio be able to create tracks for ambiance and BGM
cinematic director for all cut scenes
animator must be able to create realistic animations
any other skills you may have are all welcome too

previous work: none first title

website: not up yet

Skype: only sent to interested people

Portfolio not required but appreciated
also will accept people who are wanting to learn game development

all team members will receive payment after the release of the game payment will be based on contribution otherwise it will be split evenly

Sounds interesting, but do you have any concept art for people to see what the game will look like? Also, is it going to be a third or first person view?

As this is royalty only, each teammember has the chance of any payment only if the game is successfully made and sold.
So before I apply or put any time in it, I would like to know what youre plan is to finish a game that requires maybe 50 professionals (because of open world RPG, building whole towns…) working fulltime for years with just some unexperienced hobby guys?
If there exists such a way, I would really like to know it.
Otherwise i guess the line “previous work:no title yet” is the answer to my question.

Not you AGAIN. In EVERY royalty project, you tell the same god **** thing man. You’re not interested on any royalty project, so why you bother?

It will have both first and third person perspective as for concept art as I am looking for an artist all my models are made solely without it right now but I am still open to any ideas about how each team member should think it should look so if you are good at art by all means give me your thoughts I am not really good at 2D art but I can explain things extremely detailed I am currently almost finished with the main character if that will help

As for your comment one towns are actually pretty easy to make with variations on modular assets two anything in life can be obtained with enough dedication and focus even if I cannot get a full team I will still make my games and make a name for myself

Innos, when I read the postings here

Then you are the one who joined a team, but did not work there but only vote against the whole team and finally threatened to sue the team and even beat them up.
So you better check out if you fit in a team BEFORE you join.
Also you should be very silent with that history of youres…I’m wondering that people even talk to you anymore with that attitude of youres.

For me it’s just legitimate to ask before I apply in a team about the basic parameters to be able to make a estimation how realistic the goal is.

In my team we are 12 people, you can ask whoever you want in order to tell you if I have such an attitude.
Also I did not threaten anyone in any way. Just put your head to function please, how can I beat up someone who lives in USA when I live in Greece? They just posted lies for me after I posted in the forum what they did to me…
You are just not interested in anything that has to do with royalty, just accept that and stop pretending you care to join.

Over and out forever on this, I got tired…

first of all this is not the place for you two to be arguing and GameDev-DR if you are interested send me a private message we can discuss it there but if you are I will say the first step in any development project is a solid game design document so if you pm me an email I can send you a copy of the document to look over and then decide if you want to be on the team

still looking for team members anyone who is interested feel free to message me here or email me at

So, how is that progressing? can you post updated status with in-game shots or videos?

I am very intersted in that project too, how is it going?

I’m interested! I’ll go ahead and send you a private message via email. Assuming you are still in need of people, that is.

You see for yourself, no update since 3 months, and this attitude:
"anything in life can be obtained with enough dedication and focus even if I cannot get a full team I will still make my games and make a name for myself "
and no response to the asking for update.
so the project is dead, dont you see?
if you dont see that, than just keep on hoping that it will come up as the next rising star out of the ashes of no team, no progress and no archievements.
Just like any of those other hundreds of begun indie project with so much enthusiasm and never even archieved to get a team workin nor any result.
Gosh, just look thru those forums here and all those posing in the last months!
not even one of those indie teams made a game !

It is indeed a bit of a downer, isn’t it?


However, this is not necessarily the fault of the people, but more likely of the system that funnels people together, like throwing bits and pieces into a single flow and see which of them stick, and which start reacting, and which of those start spontaneously turn into gold (or other prescious substance of choice). You put a forum up for people, you let them ‘recruit’, and this sells the illusion that all is do-able; and while you may arrive at a completed project, having found a team with a necessary skill-set by sheer luck, this is by no means the rule.

So perhaps the template and forum itself should differ somewhat from what it is.

So few recruiters, for example, address the fundaments, like: how money is going to circulate; where exactly on the project timeline will payouts (or other dues, even for an unpaid project) be made; who the frag are you who is trying to assemble a team? What makes you qualified? Why would anyone follow you? How invested are you, yourself, in your vision?

These things are often omitted somehow.
One reason I never posted a recruitment thread is that I don’t believe I will find enough like-minded people to really carry the project through.
This of course has its perks, like zero accountability (trust me, a team hates a leader who abandons a project, with a vengeance), zero pressure (because even though people trust you to make decisions, they also feel free to blame you for them - or praise you, come what may; people are like that), and an indefinite timeline.

The obvious drawback is I only have myself to rely on - be it funds, financial schemes, monetization, recruitment and comissioning, design, programming and whatever else.

Point is, perhaps it is better to look for more than people who just want to make a game; it is prudent also to consider
a)their financial background vis-a-vis your own
b)their skills as applied to the projects you can do
c)their way of thinking and whether or not you can do stuff together for a long while without pressuring each other too much
d)their preferred activity and style of doing things
e)their obvious and subtle motivations (if you can grasp the latter, which is tricky)

Why not make that into a template? Maybe we’ll see more success.

P.S. There is also an alternative solution of making a series of Epic-directed community projects - the kind that most can join and that would pay you someday based on the amount of your contribution.

As for not posting an update for everyone is because my computer has crashed and I am building a new setup so I apologize but the project is still going but since I am still doing everything by myself it is slow going for the moment so bear with me people I am doing this while still working a full time construction job like 50-60 hours a week

now on to the updates

  1. soundtrack for the game has been composed
  2. main character and a couple enemies have been modeled
  3. revisions to the GDD
  4. motion capture files for animation have been created
  5. level design and architecture design have been started

no screen shots or videos yet those will be posted once I have finished the pre-production phase