Black Water in Ark Map - How do I fix? [ NEED HELP!]

Alright so basically I been following tutorials on YouTube on how to create a custom map and I’m trying to add water but it turns black every time I go under water.

This is the YouTube video tutorial I am watching

He gives you a tip on how to fix the black water but he’s unclear about how to do this and I’m trying to figure out what he means by “make sure your post processing volume is on a low enough level”

I’ve tired looking though some of the other maps that came with UE4 Ark Dev Kit but they’ve only given me more questions so here I am, Any help would be excellent.

I’m not very experienced in the editor at all so details really matter.

you have to line up the waterplane and the “underwater postprocess”
you can change the views from perspective to something like “front” or whatever and that will allow for a “fine tune” using the arrow keys …

lining those up should get ya squared away

also … if your landscape is too high on the Z level (above the -1400 or something Z) you wont get water to work
There is a “glossy” line of where your water line is located (you will see it on your landscape)
The water level has to match that and so does the PPV for underwater (i think it was like -1400, or, -14000 … its been a while since i used 100 year old game engines …)