black to white non interpolated ramp control.

Hi, this has got to be a simple solution but I cant find anything, or at least Im not searching the right question

Something that I find I need a lot is a black to white, non interpolated gradient. So a hard line from black to white that I can control the position, 10% to 33%, to 80% (or whatever) in U or V.
In maya I use a ramp with interpolation turned off and animate the position of the line separating the two.

How would this be done in Unreal?

Hi, what you want is to:

  1. create Curve asset in the content browser (right-click > miscellaneous > Curve > Curve Linear Color.
  2. In the curve asset, set the color gradient you want then select all keyframes and right-click (on the keyframe) and select Constant.
  3. Then, create a Curve Atlas in the content browser and add the Curve Float to the Atlas.
  4. In your material graph, you can add a curve atlas node and set your curve atlas and curve linear color in that node.​​​​​​

On the curve’s timeline, if your keyframes start on 0 and end on 1, then the input to the curve atlas node will interpolate over your gradient from 0 to 1.

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Awesome, exactly what I was after.
Thank you both!