Black Sword

hi friends i have a problem

my problem: - YouTube

if i am looking from below the sword is normal
and i am looking from above the sword is black.
how can i fix

it’s not “black” is the reflection capture reflecting.
Try making the material a little more rough, and/or a bit less shiny.

it looks like you have a lot of metallic on it and it is reflecting different aspects of the surroundings… try putting a low emissive (.01) in the material…

diffuse to top of (press m, L click) multiply
single variable (press 1, L click) to bottom of multiply
plug into emissive

maybe that might help…

Hey I think tweaking roughness of the sword and your ambient lighting would fix this. it looks like your sword is just reflecting a dark sky.
set your metallic to 1 if it inst set already. you could also you a metallic map to give the surface more variation so the reflection isn’t so flat.

Emissive can help but it messes with your shadows. Im not sure if you’re leaning to PBR or Stylized but look into Fresnel

I would also recommend looking the physical qualities of the metal you’re trying to make and rolling from there if you haven’t.

This is a really good resource for surfacing information…2nMRWPzNk/edit Check out page 15