Black spots on skinned mesh

Hi, I have a rigged character from maya that I have problem importing in Unreal, I guess this is a problem with the normals not importing correctly,
but I have basically tried all the export and import options in both softwares. The black spots only shows up on one side of the character (problem with the mirror skin ?).
Thank you in advance.

It looks like your normals are messed up. If you use 3ds Max, apply an Edit Normals modifier and then if the normals show up as green that means they are explicit, select them all and click Reset in the modifier. I’m not sure the way to do that in Maya or Blender.

Thank you for your answer. I work in maya and I have tried soften edge(which makes it worse), harden edge, conform and unlock normals nothing seems to work. It looks fine in maya it just doesn’t seem to import right in unreal and it only shows up on the skinned mesh.