Black spots on landscape area again

Hey everyone

Im dying slowly here. This problem is a pain in the you know where.

I have been creating landscape mats using layer blend (height blend) but as you probably know by now where it blends it creates black spots. I have set the first layer with alpha blend. But it does not fix it.

I have about 6 sets of textures: Each one includes a colour and a normal bump and the occasional roughness. I also set each one to shared: wrap.

The one below i use 4 textures. None on alpha blend and all with the shared wrap.
BTW If you don’t have an alpha blend it works a bit better for some reason.

I also know that the that the landscape creates Zeros when blending that is why you’ll need an alpha. But when i add an alpha the holes are ten time bigger.

I know that there has been a alot of questions about it, but i just want to know if anyone fixed it yet.
I mean, how many rocks must i model to hide this!



I thought about the landscape creating zeroes part. So what i did was create two height maps (Splatter maps) in photoshop. the second one i inverted from the original one. So that means it interlocks like a puzzle, so no zeroes.

It works!!

There are a few limitations, like i would like to blend some rocks between the grass and so on so forth.
So if anyone else has better suggestions pls post!