Black screen when using VR module on iOS

Hi there!

I’m trying to run a project on VR mode on an iPhone 5S (iOS 9.1), the project works just fine when the Simple HMD plugin is disabled, but whenever I enable it the game runs (I can hear the background music running and also can hear footsteps as I move the character around) but the screen is totally black.
At first I thought that there was a problem with the shaders but I’ve narrowed down the issue to having that plugin enabled/disabled to make it render anything.
Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

You will need to disable metal when building your project. We have a known issue with iOS9 and all A7 devices (iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad Mini 2/3). We are working with Apple to resolve the issue, but until then just disable Metal in your project. 4.10 automatically does this at runtime until we have a fix.


Hi Pete, Thank you will try that!
Another question: un 4.9 how do I disable metal?, I’ve searched around but I can’t find an option on project settings, there is documentation on how to disable it on 4.10 (project settings/cooker) but that option is not present on 4.9


Go in to the editor and open the Project Settings. Select IOS from the list of pages on the left (might have to scroll down). There will be a Use Metal (or something like that), just uncheck that.


Thanks again Pete, It runs now!