Black Screen when Previewing ES3.1 Preview

I have the ES3.1 Preview active to display my game on the PC as it will be in the android mobile (Quest)
It was working as a charm then for an unknow reason, It becomed to display totally black when i’m playing in the selected Viewport.
(No problem with the packaged version in my Quest.)
It’s a previewing on PC problem.
Any idea?

It is displaying right in Simulate mode
It is displaying right when i hit F8. But if i possess the pawn again, it become black again.

I surely enabled/Disabled something wrong… or add an non compatibility things… or maybe it’s a camera/pawn problem…?
I just can’t remember what i have done wrong.


I have the same issue. Any Idea anyone?

Me too.
I was just messing around with some particles when this happened. Preview’s been working flawlesly for a month now, and all of the sudden this happened.