Black Screen when Previewing ES3.1 Preview

I have the ES3.1 Preview active to display my game on the PC as it will be in the android mobile (Quest)
It was working as a charm then for an unknow reason, It becomed to display totally black when i’m playing in the selected Viewport.
(No problem with the packaged version in my Quest.)
It’s a previewing on PC problem.
Any idea?

It is displaying right in Simulate mode
It is displaying right when i hit F8. But if i possess the pawn again, it become black again.

I surely enabled/Disabled something wrong… or add an non compatibility things… or maybe it’s a camera/pawn problem…?
I just can’t remember what i have done wrong.



I have the same issue. Any Idea anyone?

Me too.
I was just messing around with some particles when this happened. Preview’s been working flawlesly for a month now, and all of the sudden this happened.

I am also running into this problem has anyone solved it? On 4.26.2 have the exact deal as OP, developing for quest as well. Runs fine simulating and packaged but, blackscreen on selected viewport.

I’ve tested by creating a fresh project and turning on ES3.1 preview and it runs perfectly fine in selected viewport so it looks like some setting in our project that’s been changed?

Disabling Mobile MSAA in Project Settings > Rendering


this made the image show up for me again too, but the colors were all dark and wrong. Was there an answer for why this happens ever found.

I’m on UE5.0.2