Black Screen in 4.21.2 Editor

Hi guys,

In the latest version (4.21.2), the 4k TV i use for a monitor goes completely black for a few seconds then returns to normal. It happens mostly when hovering with the mouse cursor over some buttons or drop-down menus in the editor. I thought it was an issue caused by not having nvidia drivers updated, but even after update, it still occurs. When launching 4.14.3, this issue does not occur. Please note I am using windows 7 and my GPU is a GTX970.

Mainly I’m writing this for a heads up to the team (it’s definitely a bug with how UE behaves on 4K tv’s and/or monitors in this version), but if someone knows that this can be fixed on client side, I’d be even happier.

Maybe it’s an HDR setting

I don’t know if it is that. As I’ve said, I’m running on windows 7 and it currently does not support HDR settings that I am aware of. And it does NOT cause any issue on 4.14, which runs fine. Anybody else running into the same issue?

Bump…This issue still occurs with the 4.22.0 version

Having exact same issue - interacting with editor UI in DX12 mode causes entire editor screen to go black.

Would you all mind creating reports of this on our submission form?

Try this

have you installed the studio drivers or the game ready ones. (Try the studio drivers else you need to lookup the mpo disable registry file by nvidia)