Black Screen Camera Issue

I have an issue about camera and rendered movie are black screen. I tried sequencer according this tutorial

But all cameras’ viewports in this level and rendered result are black screen(But sequencer shows preview correctly). The landscape uses very large capacity to copy and paste so I want to render in this level. Please help

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Bump, I’m having this exact same issue

Hi there. Same issue for me. I’ve just moved from 4.21 to 4.23 version. So it’s maybe a problem since 4.22.

I don’t kinow if you solved the problem, but I did for mine : in the camera, I searched for “exposure” and notice the settings where bad. By default, I clicked on the first check box and I got an image for my camera. I hope it helps.

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Something that worked for me, click on the camera and under the search type in exposure. you will see a box called “metering Mode” Make sure that is checked on and set it to auto exposure histogram. Hope this helps