Black screen blueprint?

Hello, sorry if what I’m asking for is something very banal.

I’m looking for some blueprint setup that would make screen black for some certain amount of time and then fade back to normal through another time period .

Currently working on archviz project where I have multifunctional piece of furniture and I’d like to present its full use through the visualisation. Already have finished blueprint that switches between couple static meshes, though I’d want there to be this effect of blink, between switches (maybe with some extra sound effect) as just switching static meshes looks kinda cheap.

Why am mentioning this is that ideally It would be composed inside already existing blueprint as in if you press this button, simultaneously A and B happens instead of having two blueprints.

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If you are using the sequencer you can use this: Fading In/Out a Scene

If you are using a character to move, you can use the “StartCameraFade” function in the player character blueprint:


Can I somehow connect this function with another blueprint?

In my particular example it’s blueprint containing box and function that changes the static mesh of one object in scene 'when certain key pressed*.

I spent just lil time playing with it to figure out I can’t just link it to the box that is part of another blueprint

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A hacky way of doing this would be thru a widget. However I also recommend using the camera fade. There is almost no wrong way of doing things in UE. Just good/bad/better ways.

You can create a widget blueprint, add a border to canvas panel, make it anchor full-screen and set the color to black. Then you can add a fade animation which you can play forward/reverse for your needs.

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do so maybe screenshots/examples of what you’re trying to achieve will help me understand a bit more!

Best of luck.


Try to get the player camera manager from your blueprint and see if it works.

You have to call the function twice (from zero to 1 and vice versa) and don’t forget to set the duration


I’ve tried and it is working flawlessly now, thank you very much for help, it has been very much appreciated.


Thank you for help, somehow managed to get it to work.

I have the desk with folding legs hanged on electric pulley system in my project. This piece of furniture has use of table, extra kitchen island, swing or can be lifted up and leave space completely open.

In my archviz i wanted to have button on wall which if pressed changes the scene (cooking → dining → relaxing → just open space…) .
I just wanted the black screen to be used as effect for shifting between scenes instead of just changing static meshes and letting player watch some strange shading happenings.