Black screen after lunching on android

I am lunching simple blank project on android phone and i am getting black screen.
In mobile preview everything is working fine. I used blank project to test out why i had such a insane lag with already made template third person.

When i tried to use one of already made template third person it was running but with insane amount of lag. 5 - 10 fps. I turned everything down mobile HDR deleted all unnecessary stuff like atmospheric fog and still got the same lag. I used galaxy S4.

Hy Ga40,

Have you set your main Map correctly in the Maps under the Project Settings?
Have you checked if the Monoscopic Far Field Rendering is off under Project Settings>>>Rendering>>>VR ? (I had some issues with that)
Lag can be because of your device, have you tested other UE4 projects on your phone before? you could try to download any from the Google Play store.