Black rectangular borders visible on newly created material

Hi everyone,

I’ve created and imported a mesh from world machine into UE 4.9.1 I’ve created a new terrain material using color and splat maps from worldmachine, but I still get some dodgy black bars showing through the new material. What are these and how do I get rid of them. Thanks.

The heightmap resolution is 1009x1009 points and I get 8 by 8 of these squares delineated by faint black borders. What are these? Anyone?


Apparently “building lighting” fixes it.

Leaves some ugly shadow artifacts instead though.

I haven’t looked up the documentation yet, but you say the resolution is 1009x1009…everytime something is non-power-of-2 I would be careful.

try to re-export your landscape at a resolution of 1024x1024 and do the build lighting workaround as Alex suggested. I am almost sure it will work then :slight_smile:
Edit: I read up on it in the meantime…apparently I was wrong and according to the documentation 1009x1009 IS one of the desired resolutions :open_mouth: Sorry about the confusion.**

Happy landscaping!

Surprisingly this “shader bug” manifests itself as even number :confused:

Either rebuild your lighting or set your skylight to movable.