Black parts covering my charterer's body

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your help and contributions to the community ,i have an issue shown in file image attached ,suddenly my 3rd person character template has shadows distorted and black parts covering my charcter’s body + i feel like the overall quality of the scene is degraded the viewport used to be sharper .

thank you for helping out.

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Cant see a picture, but it could be that you have changed the quality settings to “low” -> Settings - Scalability Settings - epic :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Sorry my fault i didn’t upload it ,but Now i updated the post so you can see the picture showing the issue , My settings are on high for materials and cinematic for Scalability , please tell me what you think now and thank you very much for your help.

Note : in 4.14 preview 1 the character was transparent and now in 4.15 is Black as shown in pictures

. Some weird issues , it didn’t happen to me before 4.14 at all .

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