Black line appears on paper2DSprite


I seem to be getting an error with my ground sprite.
The black box you see in the floor is an imported drawing that I drew a custom collision on.
(For visual purposes I have the collision box slightly moved down, but I’ve tested moving it up to be “correct” and that doesn’t seem to fix my problem).

When I move in the level, either walking or jumping, a black outline of the ground seem to be flashing. As seen in the picture below. I know it is the outline of the Foreground_Sprite. But I don’t know why it appears, and how to remove it. But it is triggered when I use controllers.

Any ideas on ways to fix this?

When changing the Texture Group (Level of detail) in the imported image file to “2D Pixels (unfiltered)” it removes the line. This however brings the other issue of unreal pixelating my art. I seem to have to sacrifice one or the other. Doesn’t seem like paper 2D is well documented enough, and is lacking in use and tutorials.

The best solution I found was this: Use unity instead. And that worked well.
But during a project I am now forced to use Unreal in a new project, and keep coming back to this same problem. During the play and build of the game, certain outlines of the box to the sprites show up. Anyone else come across the same issue? Seems strange that it defaults to this.