[Black Jack] Bet buttons is not hidden


I’am working to made a poker with the basic of BlackJack. I got an issue , I don’t know how to make 5,10,25 buttons hidden at the start of the game like the example game

But when i’am starting the game on poker game, I still see the button for bet. I check the sample and the case "actor hidden in game " is not enable. So can someone how to made the button hident at start game ?

Another question is which kind of light is use for the game? Because I drag the boarder of the table game but it’s all dark. I remove all the light of the sample game, but the table still got some light. I drag the boarder mesh and it’s dark, so I am wonder how the sample made to make the boarder illuminate ?

I don’t know if it’s a blueprints issue, so anyone can move there questions in the right section

Thanks !


For lighting, I would post that in the Rendering section, just that alone.

What is you code for the buttons, can you post that?



Hi Narghile

Thanks for you answer

The code for the button should be the same as the one on the sample

I will made some picture of it