Black holes in API reference

Recently i notice that content is dissappering in API refrence, whole functions and variables are missing that i still normally use (i don’t remeber which once right now, so i can’t give example now, when i will find example i immediately gonna post it). Some class pages are simply empty:

Even thru in search i can find functions from them:

Some things missing complitly, i just discovered (which made me write this post) that ETickingGroup is missing… how people can figure what kind of tick groups there is without that page? What if they don’t have auto-complete working to figure that out?

I notice the same things happens in offline version of API refrence

People always been complaining about lack of documentation in UE4, but API reference was this one thing that was 99.9% complete and reliable way of discovering things that are not documented if you learn how to maneuver there. But i starting to notice it that it’s slowly doengradeing, first code snippits was gone which was not a big deal, but now enums, functions and variables starting to dissapper.