Black Corners in VXGI Rendering

I am working on interactive architectural project in Version 4.14 with VXGI.
It is Working perfectly without VXGI.But whenever I added Post-processing Volume with Enable diffuse tracing it creates corners black.;base64;base64

I have used one stationary spotlight at window for lighting.
And other movable lights for ceiling lamps and movable directional light (sun) for VXGI.

These are my Lightmass settings:;base64

These are my Post Processing Volume Settings:

Is there any solution to avoid black corners?

hi rabellogp :slight_smile:

i get this:

how did u get this so perfect corners like in your exemple?
i mean the “connect”. you have the same GI on the roof and on the wall
i get darker GI on the walls for exemple as you can see

what do you think? :slight_smile:

your “room” looks like with chamfer on the corner. is it possible? it will change the “light/shadows”?