Black and white texture issues - Photos Attached

This is my first time posting on this forum and I’m also VERY new to Unreal Engine 4. While the learning curve has been steep, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying learning and I can see my skills slowly getting better. I’ve recently run into a problem involving the Paint function of the Landscape mode that I haven’t been able to solve. I’ve attached several photos with descriptions to provide whoever might be reading/helping me solve this with a clear view of what my editor looks like. I can attach any other photos that may be necessary.

I’ve created my Material that has a Layer Blend in it that I have applied to Base Color, Roughness, and Normal. Each Layer Blend (for Base Color, Roughness, and Normal) is made up of four different textures that I’d like to use in my map build.To my knowledge, I applied the material structure correctly inside of the Connector Editor but when I switch the mode of my editing window to landscape and attempt to paint the different materials as I desire, I get a black and grey untextured box that appears anywhere I would normally be painting. I have tried switching my Texture Samples to “Shared: Wrap” and have also made sure that the textures I’ve been using have the proper LayerInfo files associates with them which were created as Weighted-Blended Layers. Despite all of this, I can’t seem to find a way to resolve my issue and I’d be super grateful to anybody who might be able to help me figure this out. Thank you so much in advance, I really hope I can get back to having fun in the editor.