Black and distorted mesh appearing in unreal while it looks fine in Maya

I have a problem with a few characters, looking good in maya, unlocked normals and fixed everything, however i keep getting this issue inside unreal… anyone can help?

Are you importing normals or recalculating them?

Looks like UV’s are incorrect in some areas. Maybe switching them around for those affected triangles/quads would fix your issue. - By the By, the character you’re working on looks like Noddy… ?

Both options didnt work… :frowning:

haha i can see why you’d think that but no not noddy… looks similar though now that you mention it…

It seems to not be related to UVs… Aparently has to do with normals… and it’s a bug that a lot of people are facing, we had to redo the rigging using blendshapes instead of joints for the eyes…

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I’m glad you could sort it out. Noddy was a favorite of my kids a few years back.