BL2 not saving, every time I restart my game I back to the same level I started

When I play the BL2 game and complete my missions, I usually level up, earn cash and iridium. But when I restart my game all my progress gets lost and I am back to the lower level which I was at earlier.

I am at level 38, my XP bar has 1 section filled, I had 22 Eridium. When I was playing with my friends in BL2 story mode, my XP will increase, I will earn cash and Eridium from the missions I will complete. After I restarted the game, my XP level, cash, and Eridium were counted to earlier the way it was to 22 Eridium and cash and LVL 38 (even though I leveled up to 39). I am using epic launcher’s latest version, I verified my game and also synced cloud still the issue persists.