Bizarre issue with player character :(

Using 4.12.5, had no issues like this one, ever…

I opened my project today to work on a few things and discovered this bizarre issue:

Camera is locked to 0 0 0 of the world and even if I move the actor, camera stays at 0 0 0. It totally screwed up whole project :confused:

Has anyone had such issue? What could it be? How to fix?


P.S. Oh, and on top of that input is locked too. When I press Play (PIE) and right away move mouse, I can see view momentarily following it and then snapping back to default position/angles. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

That’s actually really interesting! I too have noticed funky camera interactions, but I had never had that issue. huh. Well, I mean, short of sending it to us to debug, as it’s likely a project setting, I’m not sure what to tell you.

Send it to who?

I can send it to [MENTION=4894]Tim Hobson[/MENTION] or someone else from Epic if they are interested into looking into this issue. I just have no idea how it’s even possible to get child component to become locked to world’s origin :confused:

Can you post it in the AnswerHub Bug Reports section, please? As with any report please post any known information to reproduce the issue that can be helpful.

Also, keep in mind that we do have a host of wonderfully talented support staff that are willing to help besides just me. We’re always at the ready to assist and actively monitor the Bug Reports section. :wink:

Thanks, will do after work! I’ll send link to upload via PM (it’s the same project from last time).

Well, if Dwood is from Epic, I can send project to him/her, but I don’t see any official tag/signature under “Dwood”, that’s why I questioned the proposal :slight_smile:

If someone else from Epic wants to grab the project, please let me know how to send you project’s download link privately (or perhaps I can ask on AnswerHub if anyone chimes in).

If the staff assigned isn’t able to get something to repro they may need the project link. I would wait for the request if needed though, but make it known that it’s available if they cannot reproduce without it or no longer have any solid suggestions. We really try not to make it a habit of asking for project, but understandably sometimes there is just somethings that we cannot reproduce without them.

Got it.

Here is the bug report: Bizarre issue with player character and camera - UE4 AnswerHub

Thank you!

The reason your camera is locked is because the CameraAnchor component’s transform Location is set to Absolute Location. Click on the little down-arrow next to Absolute Location and change it from World to Relative.

That was it indeed, thanks. I was just about to post about my findings, but you beat me to it! :o

I have no idea how it switched to World from Relative :confused: Maybe during one of those short freezes I moved mouse violently and picked up that option by accident… Who knows… :o