Bizango Blast Remake Video Journal

Hey guys, since I finally finished Sphoxie I was eager to move on to the next game and again I will be remaking an old game of mine, it’s the last remake I’ll be doing.

Anyway here is video two showing the progress that has been made and slightly in depth view on how I made the breakable objects in the game. I hope you enjoy

Here’s the latest video journal, in this one I show the progress that I’ve made and an overview on how the cannon works. I made it at the beginning of the project so it seems as if I’m discovering it for the first time which is funny. I hope you enjoy the video!

Feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey guys, another episode this time I show off the options menu, stats and the powers you can “unlock”

Let me know what you think!

Another post, another epsiode, this time I show off the different levels and worlds!