bitrate problems / sequence recorder


I’m using the sequence recorder to output video from unreal, recorded at 60fps and at 1920x1080.

When I do this in the college, the avi files end up being around 100mb, I’ve run the same process on my laptop at home this evening and the file sizes are enormous, both videos have ended up being a fraction under 1gb.

I’ve looked at everything and it appears to be the same. The only clue is the bitrate as reported by Windows when view the file properties. For the ones from the college they are around 35k, but the ones I’ve recorded on the laptop at 350k! This would perhaps explain the 10x increase in file size.

The problem I am experiencing is when I try to import these files into my video editing software it becomes laggy due to the enormous file size and the playback stutters.

I don’t know anything about bitrate and I’m against it for a deadline this week where I need to get these videos wrapped up. Can anyone point me to a setting or something which would help me get these videos output from unreal at around the 100mb mark again, I have no idea what to look for :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your time/help.

You’ve probably already tried this, but could it have anything to do with your Video Compression setting? This is in the Sequencer Render settings under Video Settings.

And just an additional thought - any reason you need to render avi out of Unreal? For my work I export png sequences out of Unreal, then put everything together in my video editing software, where there’s some nice fine control over video output codecs and formats.


Thanks for the reply, and my apologies for the delay in responding.

The video compression setting was the same in Unreal at home as it was at the college, so I don’t think it was related to that, although would have made sense.

No specific reason for AVI over a sequences of PNGs, other than it seemed to make sense, e.g. something easy to import straight into the video editing software I planned to use (Camtasia) and that I’d output to AVI before and then used the above software and it was all ok.

I don’t really know enough about video recording in general, but I assumed when I looked at the Windows Properties window for the AVI and it stated the *bitrate, *that it was perhaps related to whatever codec was used to output the AVI content? It would make sense that there was something like that different between the college computers and my laptop, the latter being 7 years old and a bit dated, whilst the computers at the college are a higher spec.

Would my thought above make any sense? e.g. the hardware/software that my laptop uses to record the AVI being related to the bitrate?

Hi Rob,

You’re probably right with your assumption that it could be a software problem, more specifically with the installed codec. That large of a difference in bitrate and file size might indicate that the codec that Unreal tries to use has problems or doesn’t exist on your system, and probably falls back to simple uncompressed avi, where a single frame is several megabytes. Windows properties does not tell you the codec type, but you can check it with a utility like MediaInfo.

However, if you’re further processing your recording in a video editing software, it’s better to use a PNG sequence as chluaid suggested. That way you avoid recompressing an already compressed video, which always results in quality loss.

Hi @zoomcns, thank you for the reply and the information.

I’ll check out the link to MediaInfo also. I’ve since replaced my laptop that I used at home, so invariably will have different codecs again. The point you made about “avoid recompressing an already compressed video” was really useful, not something I had initially thought of.

I have used this approach from other software, such as Maya, but I hadn’t considered it for Unreal, but I certainly will now.

Thanks again, and also @chluaid for the time you have given me - appreciated :slight_smile: