BitQuest - Retro Journey through a procedural dungeon

So this started out as an experiment in making retro looks, and then I created a maze generator in C++, used some assets from Infinity Blade Ice world and Mixamo.

Not sure what the end goal is with this game, but it’s pretty fun. Bad guys chase you through the maze, and as you collect “bits”, you journey through time from the days of Monochrome, through CGA, EGA, VGA and to today’s true color. I’ve been developing games since the 80’s and so it’s been fascinating to try and re-create the looks that I remember from all those years ago… I’m using a combination of post processing, plus some audio switching - creating music that sounds like it was from the original PC speaker…

Everything is procedural, the maze, the layout, the debris / props.

Just wanted to share!

I’ll try and upload a gameplay video soon.


This looks OMG awesome!

Cant wait for the demo video.

Please keep us updated!

Okay, here’s a video of the game in play!

Keep in mind this is just an experiment. I wanted to try an capture a bit of a trip through time in games. The sound and graphics scale with bits… so you collect bits as you run around, and the bits you collect decide what kind of sound and video experience you get in the game.

The game itself is a completely randomly generated maze.

Your game needs the 1990-2000 very low polygons models look (some LOD decimator ?) :slight_smile:

I was thinking of doing that actually. That really boxy look that came from a character’s leg being literally 3 cubes… something like this:


Great idea!